Google issues ‘fix mobile usability’ alert

Zealous Web Design | Blyth Northumberland - Blog Post - Google goes mobile friendly first for search results - is your SME business website ready?

We’ve previously highlighted the importance of responsive mobile-optimised web design to achieve a consistent high quality experience for your users, no matter what device they use, due to the increase in mobile Internet devices and their various screen sizes and resolutions.

This month Google issued a series of alerts and guidance notes warning website owners whose sites are not fully responsive, to “fix mobile usability issues”. If your website is not built using responsive designs and technology then visitors viewing your site on mobile phones or tablets will experience issues with display and functionality.

Google want their users to receive the best possible experience when using their search engine. They do not want mobile users to become frustrated by continually landing on unresponsive websites when using their mobile device. Google plans to introduce changes to its search algorithm in April 2015 that will see a responsive website that follows Google’s guidelines outperform a website that doesn’t. The responsive website will rank higher, achieve more visits (or ‘hits’) and therefore make more money.

If you are concerned your website is not fully-responsive or mobile-optimised, or if you would like to  steal a march on your competitors, please contact us.

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