Digital marketing strategies for e-commerce websites

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E-commerce presents a huge opportunity for individuals, businesses and brands

Research shows accessing websites via mobile devices generated £3 billion of business in 2014 with Business to Consumer (B2C) e-commerce sales expected to reach £1 trillion by 2016. If you want your business to benefit from this huge growth area here are some ideas for digital marketing strategies:

Mobile-first e-commerce web design

In the coming years global smartphone usage will rise rapidly due to falling hardware and data prices (3G/4G), faster speeds and great accessibility of the Internet. It’s therefore essential your website has a responsive design (optimised for mobile devices) so its useable on every device, encourages higher conversions and allows your site to be ranked higher in search engine results.

Get social

Use the major social media platforms to establish your brand and spread word of your latest products, services, special offers and events. By increasing awareness about your latest products and deals, and encouraging customers to comment and share their experiences with your business, you can entice people to buy or find out more. Paid advertising is also getting more important because you can target a specific audience to drive more relevant high quality traffic to your site.

User experience matters a lot when running an e-commerce website

Customers can’t physically see and touch your online products, so its vital you impress them with their digital experience. By providing a consistent message and branding, useful information, high quality content, and easy search and navigation, you can convince users to part with their hard earned cash!

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