Big changes to Google coming 21st April

Zealous Web Design | Blyth Northumberland - Blog Post - Big changes are coming to Google search results in 2015

Google has been highlighting the importance of mobile usability for quite some time, stressing that they want their users to receive the optimum experience when utilising their search engine on any device. Well, now Google is ready for a major spring clean of their search algorithms. Is your website ready? Is it adapted with a mobile-friendly responsive design?

In just over a month Google will be making changes to how websites are ranked in its search results. From 21st April 2015 Google will start giving preference to websites that are easy to read and navigate on mobile devices. In other words, websites that are mobile friendly with a mobile optimised interface.

These changes will help users find information quickly and efficiently when they search on a mobile device by presenting them with more mobile friendly content i.e. Google will give preference to websites that feature a responsive design (whereby they automatically adapt to suit the device the user is searching on, PC, tablet or smartphone).

How will this affect my website?

A website will not rank as well in Google searches if it is not mobile friendly, meaning it could start to lose search traffic and users. For a business to make the best use of its online presence it really cannot afford to lose visitors, or prospective customers, all relevant traffic needs to be adequately directed. If your competitors have made changes before you they have gained a competitive advantage. However, this can be addressed quickly and cost-effectively!

What should I do?

Don’t panic but be proactive! Although there’s been scare mongering attached to the announced changes there are plenty of solutions available. A website can be adapted to meet all of these changes or a new website can be developed to ensure relevant high quality search results are optimised for every device (PC, tablet and smartphone).

We’re here to help

To find out more please contact us. We can provide a free, no obligation assessment of your existing website, including a mobile usability report, or a competitive quote to develop a great new website.

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